Dear Jeff, Tonya, and Bill,

    I have a list of people to thank for helping our daughter's wedding to be so special and all three of you are at the top of that list.  I can't even tell you how many people have contacted us over the past week letting  us know that that was the "best wedding ever" and that the music was amazing, including the live acoustical duo during the cocktail hour (which we had to miss, unfortunately, due to pictures)...   I had one friend send me a handwritten note to tell me that that was the first time in ten years that she and her husband had danced together!  One of our daughter's bridesmaids also told us that that was the first time she had seen her parents dance in ages.  As my son said, "The music was awesome. Everyone was dancing!"  The volume was perfect, the selection of songs was just great, and the lighting was gorgeous (what a difference that made in the room!)  I loved, Jeff, that every once in awhile, you and I would give the "thumbs up" to each other!  Of course, every single person commented on Jennifer's voice over to her dad and their dance together.  None of this could have happened without you.  The memories will be forever -- and one of those memories for me will be the knowledge that we chose the best DJ group ever! 

     I figure the best way I can thank you is to constantly recommend you to others, which I will do any time I run into a prospective bride and groom and their parents!  I wanted to ask you, too,  what sites I can get on to also post my "comments" on the wonderful job you did.  If you could give me some suggestions for the ones that are most searched, that would be great. 

     I teach writing at Central CT State and yet I'm kind of at a loss for words to  express the joy I feel every time I get another email or note or phone call from a guest at the wedding saying, "Wow - that was one fantastic wedding!"  I know you guys are the ones that made that happen.  I'm just so grateful that we met you , Jeff, and then never spoke to another DJ after that!  We knew we had struck gold the minute we met you!

      Sending all three of you a thank you hug for doing such a phenomenal job.    Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference?  I'll be VERY convincing !

     Gratefully,   Sue ( a very relieved "Mother of the Bride!")


Wow….what to say about Jeff Vitti & Bill. Most people seem to interview different options before settling on a vendor. We met Jeff, walked out of the office since he told us to think about it, then walked right back in and said let’s get started. He was wonderful for the whole process. He took extra time to explain to us what was going to happen for the wedding and talk about other events he had been to. They contacted us to make sure we were on track with picking songs and our final meeting with Jeff he spent a while with us to come up with options and ideas to make our wedding “pop”. He’s not kidding when he says the upgraded system is awesome—it’s better than that even for the untrained ear. He played all the songs we wanted and then some. He remembered a slight conversation we had about my love of the show “fraggle rock” and used the song when we had a full group photo. I just thought the attention to detail was awesome. The night of the wedding he and Bill kept track of where Tim & I were. They helped to keep the night flowing. THey made sure to give us a heads up when songs that we really wanted to dance to were going to play. Bill was excellent in announcing the events of the evening. They were just so wonderful in both their music and their professionalism. They are very experienced and reasonably priced. We also went ahead and had them to structural lighting–what a cool thing!! People loved the change in atmosphere with the changing songs. It is great to see pictures with the different colors because we also can remember certain songs that were played at the time just based on the lighting! I can’t thank them enough for such a wonderful evening and for being so personable and friendly.

Tim and Cheri B.

Riverhouse wedding in Haddam CT. 12/18/10


September 3, 2011

Hi Jeff,

After returning back to normal life after my wedding (it has taken me awhile to realize that the wedding was over), I just had to write to you to tell you that you did a PHENOMENAL job (as did Bill and Tonya of course!). I am so so happy with how everything turned out.

My husband and I went to a wedding last weekend and the DJ was horrible. The sound system was horrendous – the music sounded muffled. The DJ did not know how to pronounce names correctly and he played songs that no one was dancing to. My husband had to go up to him numerous times to tell him which songs he should be playing “just like how our DJ at our wedding did.” My husband actually said that to that DJ!

Anyways, this incident made me even more appreciative of all the work you put into our wedding – being so helpful, patient, and responsive to our phone calls and emails. I loved all the songs that were played and the order that they were played at. You remembered exactly when we wanted the lighting to be dimmer and when the music to be louder, etc. And finally, the room lighting. I LOVED LOVED it!! It couldn’t have been more perfect. I have gotten so many comments on how the lighting was so beautiful and how you guys were awesome. My husband didn’t really care for lighting initially but when we were sitting at our sweetheart table, he was taking everything in, and he was in awe of the lighting.

I could go on and on about how great everything was, but then I get sad that it went by so fast. It was great meeting all of you and I have a couple of friends getting married in the next 2 years — don’t think that I haven’t recommended you!!

You guys are the best.

Thank you so much!!

Helen W.



Wedding Wire Review 

April 18, 2012

I think we booked our DJ before our venue! It is just the most important decision of them all! They run the show and ARE the entertainment for night. Jeff, Bill and Tonya were just incredible team. Everyone raved about the music. In fact, I heard some guests saying “for once wedding music we can dance too!” Jeff is brilliant at reading the crowd and playing the music that will get guests on the dance floor. I would never ever go with anyone else for a DJ. Hands down Jeff is the BEST DJ with Bill being the best MC around!

Jennifer P. St. Clements Castle April 14, 2012


Marina May 25 at 11:14pm

we are on our honeymoon @ turks and caicos, but I gotta send you this message and tell you THAT YOU ROCKED OUT SO HARD, AND BILL WAS THE BEST MC EVER.

Marina May 28 at 12:55am

oh my god, was this really our wedding? It looks insane. I knew I loved it at the time but seeing it in photos is just killing me!

From Paul:

Thanks again Jeff, the lights were really awesome. You and your partner did an amazing job, both a pleasure to work with. You were both very professional and also did a great job chasing around Marina and myself.

I will highly recommend you to anyone interested in your services. If I know of anyone getting married they will have your lights. Much thanks again.

Best of luck



07/22/2011 Katie

Jeff and Bill were the best!! We met with Jeff and knew right away that we wanted to book with him, he was very easy going and willing to accommodate us to make our wedding day special! My biggest request was that my dance floor was packed all night and that my guests had a great time. This was definitely accomplished! Everyone (all ages) enjoyed themselves so much and repeatedly told us how great the music was. Jeff and Bill even got my husband on the dance floor which never happens. They checked in with us throughout the night and everything ran very smoothly! I would highly recommend their services!






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