Creative Services

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Ready for something New?  Here it is! 
We believe that entertainment is always evolving, we love to be the leaders in new ways to entertain your guests.  Here are a few creative ideas that can stand alone or be added on to our other services for your next event.
Guitar Hero - LIVE!  This service can turn everyone into a rock star.  We create a stage like atmosphere and allow your guest's to be part of the entertainment.  Interactive is an understatement, we provide an 8 Foot High Definition Display, Stage Lighting & Sound System,  and Non-Stop Music, while your guests compete in competitive play.
Mobile Home Theater - This is AMAZING!  8 Foot High Definition Display, 6.1 DTS/Dolby Digital pumped through Pro Audio Speakers.  This impressive layout can be used for a Movie, Presentation, Video Montage, or a Video Game Party.

Truly Next Generation Entertainment!

Guitar Hero LIVE! - Demo

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