Acoustic Cocktail Hour - LIVE!

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Live Music for your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour or Party is a unique experience.  Your guests will feel a connection to your entertainment that allows synergy and balance to your event.
We have put together an eclectic group of musicians and music to fit many styles and tastes.  We have pioneered an Acoustic Cocktail Hour that gets rave reviews everywhere it is heard.  It is a unique blend of Acoustic Guitar accompanied by a Saxophone or Vocalist playing classic and today’s hits.


We welcome you to consider this service as it will make your event one of the most memorable for you and your guests

 Audio Samples

Slide - Acoustic Guitar and Saxophone
Santaria - Acoustic Guitar and Saxophone
Everlong - Acoustic Guitar and Vocalist


 Canon in D - Acoustic Guitar
Every Breath You Take - Acoustic Guitar
Day Dream - Acoustic Guitar and Congas
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