DJ & MC Services

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DJ's are experts in music, by conforming to you and your guest's music preferences. They have the ability to read a crowd and stay one step ahead. They have perfect timing coordinating music and transitioning between songs. This is only achieved by talent and years of experience in entertaining on many levels.
MC's are experts in speaking to large audiences and having a sharp sense of wit in all situations. They host the night and give your guest's a personality to focus on as your night unfolds. They coordinate you, your guest's, other vendors, and your venue into a seamless event.
We have been entertaining for over 20 years. Our talents are not limited to DJ and MC work. We have entertained events at Casinos to Resorts, Local Bars to Intimate Halls. Connecticut to New York to Massachusetts.

Every event is customized to you and your needs. When you demand the best we will give you above and beyond.



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